Hello There, Hoomans!!!

I’m Tuxie, a tuxedo cat who loves to travel.
This is my den and here I keep the postcards
of my adventures around the world.
For now they are few, but I hope to be able
to travel to more places soon.
Of course, if my hooman slave decides to
go to work to maintain me.


Here you’ll find all my travel pics. It’s great to be a traveler cat.

Jobs (Coming Soon)

Since my human doesn’t want to work, I’ll have to take care of it myself….


Sorry, the webshop is not active yet. But very soon you will be able to get products with my adorable face on this very place. In the meantime, you can buy me a coffee and I’ll send you a picture of me with your name on it.

Books (Coming Soon)

Want a mug with me? or maybe a T-shirt? Get it now at the Shop.


Greetings, hooman!!
Thanks for visiting my page, I am a tuxedo cat and here you will find my escapades. Follow me so you won’t miss any of them.


Have any questions?
Do you want to buy my human a coffe? Or give a gift to the cat? Perhaps just send me a message?
Don’t be shame!.
Tuxie is waiting…